Recording artist, songwriter, performer, producer, dancer, and

Recording artist, songwriter, performer, producer, dancer, and fashionista, LuluBeatz, also know as Luciana Maria, has been singing as long as her family can remember. Born into an Italian American family, in Bend, Oregon, she was raised in the lively Italian culture. Her family has owned several restaurants and businesses where Luciana was the little ‘singing bambina’. As a little girl “Luciana would be singing whatever we were playing at the time, from Andrea Bocelli, classic Disney soundtracks, to the oldies with grandpa in the car.” says her mother, Maria.

A few years later, Luciana and her family moved to Portland, Oregon. Recognizing her talent and her musical interest, her father enrolled her in piano and opera lessons when she was just seven years old. Shortly after, to everyones surprise, Luciana begged her father to take her out of the lessons becasue she “didn’t want to be the melodramatic lady with viking horns bellowing on stage” as she told her father. 

In middle school Luciana fell in love with acting, and performing, and has worked with actress Katie O’Grady. She loved being on stage so much, she jumped at any opportunity, such as school musicals, talent shows, and singing the national anthem. At 13 years of age, her talent was recognized and was recruited by NWCT. She began to work with vocal coach, Daniel Buchanan to further nourish her ability. That year during the holidays, her parents gave her a gift to work in her first recording studio. At age 14, she recorded ‘Colors Of The Wind’, from the Disney movie Pocahontas, along with ‘Love Song’,  by the Cure and re-recorded by Adele. At that moment in time Luciana had the realization that she wanted to become a recording artist.

The summer before her freshman year of high school, Luciana started to create her own beats and music at home, on her family Mac computer. Creating music that was along the lines of pop, hiphop, R&B, and dance. That summer of 2014 she created and wrote her first debut single ‘BabyBoy’. She recorded ‘BabyBoy’ with OC Recording Studios in Orange County, California.

With this eyeopening experience, she learned the software involved in recording music. She taught herself Protools along with Logic, and learned essential studio mixing and mastering skills. This opened doors for Luciana, and she saw the advantage of theses tools, creating all of her own music as the producer, singer, and songwriter. 

Fast forward to current day, she has released over 12 original singles and ten music videos that she wrote, produced, and co-edited. In addition she has been a featured artist, and has co-written several songs for other upcoming artist.

Now 18, and affectionally known as “Lulubeatz”, she is evolving her career as a recording artist and entertainer. She is on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. She is self produced, self published and works out of Portland, Oregon in her home studio. Along with she is actively building her acting, and modeling career with Universal Models and Talent, by working constantly in Los Angles. In music, she is working with Thomas Borsoe, at OC Hit Factory on four new singles that will be released this spring.  Currently, Luciana works closely with her parents in, what she calls, her “powerful trifecta”. Her father as her co-producer, and her mother as her manager, they all work side by side with her on all of her projects.